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Our Professional and Compassionate Work at a Glance

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About Us

We are a home care agency providing care to seniors in Hartford, Middlesex, Newhaven, and Fairfield counties in Connecticut. There are lots of bonuses that customers tend to enjoy when they partner with us: one is transparency, we make sure you can see, how, when, and what our home care aides are doing in the home at all times and this is possible with cameras.

With proper authorization, we will set cameras throughout the residence so you can see and keep a record of everything going on in the home while you are away. All you need is an Internet connection and you can interact with your loved one when you are on a business trip, at work, in a function, at a wedding, at your child's school or from anywhere in the world.

Another mind-blowing service bonus our customer stand to benefit is what we call ELECTRONICCAREGIVER. The electronic caregiver is the premiere medical alert system on the market, and it works with just the push of a button.

This service is free and when you call on us, in addition to being connected with emergency services you will also be given access to an on-call doctor and that services will be provided to you free of charge as well.

Through this technology, we will turn your home into a smart health home and give you a lot of the safety you would have in an assisted living community right in your home at a fraction of the cost.

It is our joy at the end of it all to improve the quality of life for the people we serve through the delivery of a comprehensive, extraordinary home care services, compassionate home care aides, and safe and rewarding home care experience while pushing to be recognized as the number one home care agency when it comes to home care services.

We operate an integrated home care agency, which provides a full range of home care services. We would like you to know that your loved one's care is our mission and we are committed to it.

We have enriched many lives, with our efforts as a home care provider and the work of our dedicated, compassionate home care aides. At A Touch of Love Home Care LLC, what we do every day is to improve people's lives; try us today.

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