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A true love is a real touch --- that last.

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Sean and Bridget Smith are a power couple driven with love and compassion towards the goal of providing superior care for seniors. They have are a married couple who share the same dream and their love and passion for seniors led to the formation of A Touch of Love Home Care LLC in 2018.

The goal for A Touch of Love Home Care LLC is to make it a household name and the standard when it comes to senior care. The company is set to make seniors feel loved while providing quality care for them.

Sean has worked in the health care industry for 15 years, gaining valuable experience in long-term care, acute care, dementia care, and hospice. As a seasoned caregiver and business owner, he is passionate about advancement in the senior care space and adding quality to others’ lives.

Bridget is an experienced Business Owner, Healthcare Worker, Caregiver, Patient Advocate, and Care Coordinator. She has spent 28 years in the health care sector and has gained valuable experience in the healthcare sector.

Sean is currently the CEO, and Bridget is a care coordinator in our company.